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Bench for material loading and unloading

Bench for material loading and unloading

To the most productive construction sites, where it’s essential to process rebar in a continuous loop, we propose our benches for material loading and unloading, with idle rollers.

The bench is divided in two sections: a supporting surface, where rods are deposited before processing, and a surface with rollers, necessary to move the bars towards the machine working top.
The sturdy main frame, made of iron, is supported by solid adjustable legs, that allow to regulate the height as needed.

Extremely versatile, the bench can be used with all OF.ME.R. rebar bending, stirrup bending, combined and spiral machines, to load and unload concrete re-inforcing steel rods.
It can be requested with different dimensions, according to the Customer’s require-ments, and this permits to place on it rebar with any length or diameter.
Totally dismountable and with interchangeable rollers, the bench can be moved and stocked in very easy way.

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The minimum demandable length is 2 meters, that can be extended with additional modules of 1 meter as for Customer’s demand, to be specified in phase of order.
The additional modules must be mounted inside the basic 2 meters bench, as shown in the following pictures:

Basic Bench

Demonstration of additional modules positioning

Example of disposition (loading/unloading)