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Rebar Cutting Machines Standard Series - The Tradition

C Standard

Result of years of experience and elaboration of the market indications and feedbacks, the Standard line of mechanical cutting machines for concrete reinforcing steel rods is undoubtedly the most requested on Worldwide construction sites, thanks to its ease of utilization and maintenance and to the resistance guaranteed by the high quality materials common to all OF.ME.R. products.
It boasts many attempts to imitate, but the high manufacturing volume allows us to offer an excellent quality/price ratio and to maintain a high market share, receiving and responding to an increasing number of requests.

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The Standard Series of mechanical cutting machines is available in three different models, as necessary.

C42 CE

C52 CE

C55 CE

Standard Equipment:

  • Two blades in hardened steel, already fixed on the machine;
  • A set of Allen keys, for ordinary maintenance;
  • A set of wheels, for the machine handling;
  • An industrial plug, that guarantees the electrical connection;
  • A bar sliding device, that helps the movement of the rods toward the zone of cut;
  • On demand, these machines can be endowed with the simplified lubrication system, that permits to keep greased all the mechanical components that require it;
  • Besides, always on demand, it’s possible to equip all Standard mechanical cutting machines with a movable pedal, that makes the operation of cut easier when the machine is raised on a support plane, such as the base in carpentry, available as accessory for all mechanical Cutting Machines;
  • As optional available it can be installed a special screw locator, to be requested in phase of order, that permits to obtain exactly perpendicular cuts.

In the design and construction of the mechanical cutting machines have been adopted criteria and arrangements suitable to satisfy the essential safety requisites foreseen by the Machines Directive 98/37/CEE.

Back side of a Standard cutting machine, with Magnetothermic Switch

Octagonal movable locator, mounted on all Standard mechanical cutting machines

Technical Features

Modelrpmengine HP/KW65 kg/mm2 Ø 165 kg/mm2 Ø 265 kg/mm2 Ø 385 kg/mm2 Ø 185 kg/mm2 Ø 285 kg/mm2 Ø 3size cmkgoil Kg Pdf 
C42904/3   34 mm   1,34 in   26 mm   1,02 in   20 mm   0,79 in   30 mm   1,18 in   20 mm   0,79 in   16 mm   0,63 in118x71x876054
C52405,5/4   44 mm   1,73 in   30 mm   1,18 in   24 mm   0,94 in   36 mm   1,42 in   26 mm   1,02 in   22 mm   0,87 in130x71x927304
C55407,5/5,5   46 mm   1,81 in   32 mm   1,26 in   26 mm   1,02 in   40 mm   1,57 in   30 mm   1,18 in   22 mm   0,87 in130x71x957404