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Simplified Lubrication System

Simplified Lubrication System

The gears and pinions of all the Of.me.r. Rebar Cutting Machines constantly work in an oil bath. In fact, each machine is supplied with the correct quantity of oil recommended for the purchased model, which has to be periodically checked through the special inspection glass located at the bottom of the machine and, if necessary, to be filled up through the hole at the top of the Rebar Cutting Machine.
For all the other parts stressed by friction and wear some small holes are predisposed in the critical points, through which the operator have to periodically grease the desired zone using an hand oil pump.

The special System of Simplified Lubrication, optional to be required in phase of order for all the models of Standard Rebar Cutting Machines, is composed of a single stroke manual grease pump, connected to all the greasing holes of the machines through a system of pipes and ducts.

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Thanks to this optional the operator, simply operating on the knob of the pump, will put in pressure the whole system, that will push the grease in the pipes up to the holes of the Rebar Cutting Machine, where special nozzles allow the lubricant gradual and periodic release. At the first use it is necessary to operate the knob more times, up to load the whole system of pipes. Then, pressing the knob once for each processing cycle, the system will provide to the continuous and gradual lubrication. All in a single operation!
As underlined by sector studies carried out by the manufacturers of machineries, the 50% of the faults is attributable to an insufficient lubrication. This shows the importance of simplified lubrication system that ensures numerous advantages:

  • It minimizes the time of preventive maintenance;
  • avoids machine downtime reducing the production times;
  • it extends the life of the connecting rod, of the supports, of the eccentric shaft and of the other parts in movement;
  • It maximizes the time of production minimizing the breakdowns caused by a lack of lubrication;
  • the maintenance staff appreciate the ease of use;
  • the points which are hard to be reached are regularly lubricated.

System of Pipes and Ducts

Special Inspection Glass