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Working top "B type"

Working top “B type”

The surface of the rods for reinforced concrete is covered by a dust, called mill scale, that during the bend is detached from the iron, falling on the working top. In the case that proper and regular mainteinance and cleaning are not performed, this dust could penetrate in the turning plate holes, covering the switches and therefore compromising its functioning. It is also not always simple to have the equipment in order to lift the working top and clean the limit switches. For this reason Of.me.r., always geared towards the requirements of the small construction sites as well, developed the working top “B type”, an optional to be requested in phase of order, available for all the Bending and Combined machines (except models P34 Evo & TP25/32 Evo).
With this accessory it is possible, using a simple allen key, remove the special carter that allows the access to the limit switches.

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In this special working top the turning plate, saddles and limit switches are placed above the top, which therefore does not need to be raised.
They are protected by a solid carter in carpentry, fixed to the plate with screws. This means that it is simply necessary to unscrew the screws to remove the cover and carry out the maintenance of the limit switch. All without any effort!
In addition, the Working top “B Type” is equipped with two rollers, placed at the machine sides, which facilitate the slippage of the bar before and after bending.

Carter in carpentry