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Long Saddles

Long Saddles

The Saddles, movable supports endowed with holes placed on the worktop of each Of.me.r. Bending and Combined Machine, have a fundamental role during the phase of bending. They allows the fixing of the checking block, which is necessary for the block of the bar on the working plan, avoiding therefore any possible slippage of the rebar. But not only!
They are also essential for the anchorage of all the Bending Equipments. All of this means that greater is the number of the holes, greater will be the liberty during the work operations and in the application of the optionals.

For these reasons Of.me.r. has decided to mount the Long Saddles as standard equipment on all the Evolution Bending Machines, on the Evolution Combined Machines and on the majority of the Standard Bending Machines (except in fact the models P32 and P36 where they still remain optionals).

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The number of holes of the Long Saddles varies according to the model of Machine, but all offer the same advantages. Their disposition on the worktop allows the operator to work and position the accessories both from the front and rear of the Machine.
Another important feature is the possibility, with this special optional, to make the double-bend, as explained in the following demonstrative video.

Demonstrative Video