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Unique 2 in 1

Unique 2 in 1

The production of stirrups for reinforced concrete always requires high precision, in the angles amplitude, in the bending radius and in the lengths of each side that compose it. This fact has allowed the birth of the Stirrup Bending Machines, specially designed for this specific operation, which is usually cyclic, and for this reason these machines are studied to optimize the production time.
In the construction sites where instead the realization of stirrups is occasional, it is raised the necessity of an accessory able to guarantee the same precision.
To solve this demand Of.me.r. offers, as optional for all the Standard Bending Machines, the Unique 2 in 1, a special device that in a single solution permits the complete realization of more stirrups with max. Ø12mm together, ensuring the same precision of a Stirrup Bending machine.

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The Unique 2 in 1 is constituted by a stirrup bending tool and a linear measurer with keep plates. It is fixed on the machine saddles with a special pin and on the central hole of the turning plate with the stirrup bending pin (both the pins are supplied with the tool).
The stirrup bending tool guarantees the locking of the bar in the bending zone, while the keep plates allow to determine precisely the lengths of each side of the stirrup, calculated starting from the point of bending, that corresponds to the stirrup bending pin. This special pin, specially designed for the stirrups production, allows the realization of stirrups with a bending radius of 11mm.

Following a demonstrative video that explanes assemblage and use.

Demonstrative Video